Baby names that start with R

Baby names that start with R

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Choose your baby's name. Some parents have it clear, but others have not yet made up their minds.
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Well, here we have many proper names of people, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings vary according to the sources and interpretations.
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RAFAELHebrewGod has healed
RAIMUNDOGermanoWise protection
RAMIROGermanoMighty in war
RAMONAGermanoSensible protector
RAMÓNGermanoSensible protector
RAQUELHebrewSheep of the Lord
RAULFrenchDaring warrior
REBECAHebrewNoose, trap
REINALDOGermanoPowerful judge
RICHARDGermanoReckless warrior
ROBERTGermanoOf shining fame
DEWLatinFlower tears
RODOLFOGermanoWolf of fame
RODRIGOGermanoRich in fame
ROGELIOGermanoSpear of Fame
ROLANDO ROLÁNGermanoCountry fame
ROMANLatinFrom Romania
ROMEOLatinGood man from Rome
ROMILDAGermanoFamous warrior
ROMILDOGermanoFamous warrior
RONALDOGermanoGlorious ruler
ROSELatinThe Rose
ROSALIALatinSmall rose
ROSAMUNDAGermanoFamous guard
ROSANALatinLike a rose
ROSARY BEADSLatinRose Garden
ROXANAPersianThe bright
RUBENHebrewHere is a son!
RUPERTOGermanoOf shining fame
RUT RUTHHebrewFriendship, mercy

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