Baby names that start with W

Baby names that start with W

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Choose the name that begins withletter W for your baby. Some parents have it clear, but others have not yet made up their minds. can I help you? Well, here we have many proper names of people that begin with W, with their respective origins and meanings, although their meanings sometimes vary according to the sources and interpretations.

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Names for babies. Letter W

WALTERGermanoArmy chief
WENCESLAOCzechThe most glorious
WILFREDOGermanoResolute peacemaker
WULSTANAGermanoStone wolf
WULFRANOGermanoodin's white raven
WITERICGermanoMighty forest
WENDYEnglishFrom the Peter Pan novel
WALIDArabBe born
WILLIAMGermanoDetermined protector
WALDOGermanoBold spirit

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