Books on children's self-esteem

Books on children's self-esteem

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1.Happy children
Alice Banderas
Until not many years ago, child psychology was based on the treatment of psychological disorders focused on the most negative aspects, deficits and pathologies. Today we know that it is as or more effective to enhance the positive qualities of children, their virtues and their strengths.
In her new work, Alicia Banderas makes use of her experience to help and teach parents and all those involved in the world of education, to undertake the exciting task of helping children to strengthen themselves to fight for their own happiness. Hijos Felices presents numerous practical cases treated by the author, and reflects on the most innovative theories of the emerging positive psychology; all this written in a clear, direct and simple language.

2. Your child's self-esteem
Michelle Borba
Finally, a book has been written that shows us how children will transmit eight essential and necessary qualities to live life safely and happily: self-confidence, self-awareness, communication, problem solving, sociability, perseverance and empathy.

3. You are cool just the way you are! 100 tips for your child to develop his self-esteem
Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
Today's young people need, from parents and educators, a series of tips and help to face this world with high self-esteem. How to strengthen discipline, help meet goals and overcome obstacles. School failure, alcoholism, drug addiction and lack of motivation are some of the evils that this book will help to avoid.

4. A confident child. How to boost your child's self-esteem
Paola Santagostino
Your child's lack of self-esteem can be the cause of personality disorders in adult life: drug addiction, emotional difficulties, relationship problems ...
There are many ways to reinforce a child's confidence in his own abilities based on the experiences of each day. A self-confident child will later grow into a serene and balanced adult.
The main ingredient of security is trusting yourself: your own emotions, your own desires, your own abilities and aptitudes. But how can we reconcile the child's longing for freedom with the natural concern of parents? How to protect it without overwhelming it?

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