Children's party and birthday books

Children's party and birthday books

1. Decorate birthday parties with paper
Mercedes Segarra, Rosa Maria Curto
New ideas to decorate children's parties. With step-by-step instructions showing how to do them, 44 projects with their corresponding patterns.

2. The best ideas for children's parties

Martha Steinmeyer
Children will celebrate birthdays at home with a cute bear party, with wild west Indians or in a magical forest.
7 themes for fun and 50 projects to make an unforgettable children's birthday.

3. The great book of children's parties

Debra Wise
The great book of children's games is ideal for car trips, rainy days and even power outages. It's a treasure trove of games and activities for all occasions, places, and moods. In this first volume you will find games for home and away from home, activities for parties and to play alone, games to have fun on the sidewalk and on the beach, and games with balls and water. Some activities stimulate the mind, while others contribute to physical development. Also included are activities aimed at fostering the development of skills and games designed to enhance individual faculties, card and word games, as well as a wide range of activities to do with paper and pencil.

4. Decorate children's parties, invitations, table decorations, games ... with paper.
Erika bock
For joyful children's celebrations. A jungle party with dangerous cats and cheerful monkeys; a birthday with lucky ladybugs, cats and mice, or with knights errant and dragons.
With gifts for all the children, the birthday party is much more fun.

5. The holiday book
Jane bull
Let's have a party! Pick a theme, design invitations, prepare decorations, and have your friends come home happy with fabulous gifts.
More than 50 fun activities to make your party a success. In this book you will find the perfect ideas to celebrate special occasions or just to have fun.

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