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Children's decoration books

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1. DIY larousse
Various Authors
All DIY in a single volume and explained by specialists in each of the subjects: masonry, carpentry, plumbing and heating, electricity, renovation of doors, windows and ceilings, wall and floor coverings, furniture restoration, etc.
With 2,000 photographs and drawings, 500 tables with tips and 250 step-by-step illustrations.

2. Feng Shui room by room
Kathryn Terah Collins
This book will introduce you to the secrets of Feng Shui in the easiest and most enjoyable way.
You will go room by room all the corners of your house and you will know the most common problems and their solutions. The author's explanations, together with the illustrative photos, will show you that Feng Shui is not a complicated and difficult oriental technique to apply.

3. 168 Feng Shui tricks for a happy and peaceful life
Lillian too
Your home is the refuge where your spirit is renewed and restored. Through the 168 simple and effective solutions that Lillian Too proposes in this book, you will easily create that peaceful environment, at no cost.
- Discover the negative points of your home using the direction map.
- Eliminate obstacles to success with feng shui cures: plants, water, lights and crystals.
When you have put some of Lillian Too's tricks into practice, you will understand why she is the most prestigious author in the world of feng shui.

4. The practical book of the healthy house
Mariano Bueno
The practical book of the healthy house offers the necessary information to make decisions related to the environment that benefit our state of health. The author describes health risk factors and ways to avoid them in an affordable and enjoyable way, provides answers, advice and solutions to the many questions and problems posed by chemicals, materials, radiation, or household appliances and installations.

5. Feng Shui for your baby's room
Mariano Bueno
A practical guide to achieve harmony and well-being in the new family stage The room for the baby that is about to be born is the most important space in the house. Designing this room represents a unique opportunity to prepare yourself mentally and physically for all the changes that are to come. In this book, family wellness and interior design experts Laura and Alison Forbes teach you to practice the basics of interior decorating, feng shui, and healthy habits to create a warm and comfortable environment for your baby. Your baby's room offers a combination of feng shui, psychology, interior design, and healthy living habits.

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