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1. Supernanny Jo frost Practical and sensible advice to educate your children. If you are one of those who thinks that your children are wearing out your patience and that you are about to explode, this is your book. Supernanny Jo Frost has come to your rescue to help you transform those little devils that are your children. Supernanny's firm but fair methods are simple and work for all children: a regular routine, consistency, verbal warnings, time to ponder mistakes and rectify, and lots of praise and attention. If your ten-month-old doesn't want to sleep at night, your seven-month-old daughter engages in aggressive behaviors, or your ten-month-old son is out of control, the author knows exactly what to do and will teach you how to do it.

2. Supernanny DVD
The DVDs with the entire series Supernanny, in the original format in English, but dubbed in Spanish and Catalan can be purchased.
The Supernanny program was the audience leader in the UK, you can buy it at the link below:

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