Books to take care of the health and development of babies

Books to take care of the health and development of babies

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1. Your pediatrician at home
Lyonel rossant
Young parents would give anything to keep their children from suffering, but only by getting sick can children strengthen their immune systems. To inform and reassure parents, Dr. Lyonel Rossant has written Your Pediatrician at Home, an accessible, practical and modern work.

2. Diary of a pediatric mother
Laia alsina
Throughout these pages, the author describes the real, daily, intense and emotional experience of her son's first year of life. In it she tells of her inexperience as a mother, contrasted with her experience as a pediatrician. The knowledge as a pediatrician allows you to give a point of objectivity as well as explanatory to the different situations, arguing the why of many aspects of the baby's development and how to deal with them effectively. There are well-differentiated cycles that are repeated in all children, and in each of these phases, the mother and father (as well as the child himself) play a very different role. Diary of a pediatric mother narrates these different stages, and follows step by step the natural evolution of each of the characters that appear in it. The work aims to be a mirror of the open reality of the new mother, with the intention of making it very useful for every woman who is going to be a mother for the first time, both from an emotional point of view.

3. Pediatrics for the family Wolfgang Goebel as Michaela Geockler
Diseases and their symptoms. Tips for a healthy evolution. The therapeutic value of education.
This book is a comprehensive educational and medical advisor for parents and anyone who has a relationship with children. It is not only a reference work for burning questions about various cases of disease, but also a fundamental exposition of child development, the necessary care of children and their education. Everything arises from several years of experience in the clinical field and in outpatient practice with children at the Herdecke Community Hospital, considering as a basis modern academic medicine and the image of man on which the Waldorí Pedagogy and Medicine of Anthroposophic Orientation. In this work we have tried to expose the interrelation between educating and healing. The concept that both are closely linked is fundamental in pediatrics, since an early recognition of possible damages and a positive work on the alterations already arisen, allow to achieve a comprehensive prophylaxis of future diseases.

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