Children's stories with music

Children's stories with music

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1. The firebird Igor Stravinsky, Carmen Santonja
A collection to read and listen to the best music for children, young and old. A young traveler experiences disturbing events in which extraordinary characters appear.

2. János, the boy who daydreamed Zoltán Kodály, Greater Wyoming

A collection to read and listen to the best music for children, young and old.

3. The speck of dust Fernando Palacios

A collection to read and listen to the best music for children, young and old. The adventures of a dusty spear along a journey where he discovers different musical elements.

4. Christmas carols from around the world + CD Cesare Regazzoni
Christmas is a great occasion to dedicate to our loved ones a little of our time and our energies, which are so often dispersed in daily life, made of commitments and a continuous race against time. It is, above all, the family atmosphere that gives "warmth" and meaning to Christmas, along with the lights, colors and sounds of this ancient festival.

5. The three twins and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart + DVD Roser Capdevila
Because of the out-of-tune songs of the Three Twins, Bored had a terrible headache ... She was so tired of hearing them that she decided to send them to spend a few days with the composer and musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The adventures that girls live with e! musician are explained in the story of this book. And behind the story is Elrincón de los sabios, the second part of this book, which tells who W. Amadeus Mozart was, where he lived, what music he composed and much more.

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