Children's stories to eat well

Children's stories to eat well

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1. In the kitchen with the three twins
Roser Capdevila
Enjoy with the three twins, Ana, Teresa and Elena. They will teach you to cook a lot of delicious and fun recipes. They will also teach you to set the table, to use kitchen utensils, to apply the tricks of a good cook ...

2. The little science of health
Valentin Fuster, David Circi
This new book by Valentín Fuster teaches children to live healthy lives. A book focused on healthy habits (healthy eating is the focus of the book) designed for children with a certain habit of reading or in the first reading phase accompanied by parents.

3. Kids, to the kitchen!
Esmeralda Berbel
This is a book to cook, to enjoy cooking, to surprise and surprise us with the amount of desserts, breads, ice creams and juices so rich and healthy that we can make on any given afternoon, an afternoon in which we want to teach our children the magic of smells, flavors and textures. 80 recipes to enjoy cooking with children of all ages.

4. Stories to eat without stories
Various Authors
The team of specialists working with Mª Jesús Álava -author of La inutilidad del silencio and El NO also helps to grow, both published with great success by this publisher- has written under her supervision this book of illustrated stories for children to enjoy reading the adventures of its friendly characters and, for their part, parents end the nightmare of teaching their children, every day, good eating habits and a series of values ​​that can be transferred to the rest of the spheres of children's lives.
The pedagogical guidelines that the reader will find in these pages, as well as the activities that are proposed for the joint work of parents and children, will help them achieve:

- That morning habits are acquired properly and at breakfast time a certain harmony is breathed at home.
- That they learn to respect food and understand the nutritional value of what they generally do not like, such as vegetables and fruits.
- That they have a correct behavior at the table, both at home and at school.
- That they know why they should wash their hands before and incorporate such behavior.
- Little by little, applying systematicity in the tasks entrusted to them, they create healthy habits.

Missi the tortoise, the white rabbit Nico and friends Edu and Pedro, among many others, will be in charge of making mealtime happier.

5. Lila learns to eat + CD
Eduard Estivill Sancho, Montse Domènech
The weekend begins and Lila is very happy: today is family food! His uncles and cousins ​​are coming, he's going to have a blast! Too bad everything is spoiled when you see the table set with sweet potato puree, chard with pine nuts and beet flan ... But what are those dishes?
A fun and educational story aimed at children, but also at parents: the attached pedagogical notebook will solve parents' doubts about how to teach their children to eat. It also includes a CD with Lila's funny song.

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