Tales of schools, colleges and nurseries

Tales of schools, colleges and nurseries

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1. My first day of school
Violet Denou
Today is Teo's first day of school. After breakfast, his grandmother accompanies him. Upon arrival, he puts on his robe, sits down at the desk, and begins to write letters. How much work! Luckily, it will be time to eat soon and after playing. At the end of the day his father comes to pick him up and Teo, very proud, explains what he has done all day.

2. Lila goes to school
Eduard Estivill Sancho, Montserrat Doménech
This illustrated album with pedagogical content brings us closer to the daily life of Lila, a five-year-old girl who, like all children, must get up and clean herself to go to school. The book works not only as a diversion for children, but also as a didactic tool for parents, by including a pedagogical notebook written by Dr. Estivill and Monsterrat Domènech. This booklet includes the most frequently asked questions and doubts by parents regarding the habits and educational process of the youngest members of the household.

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