Children's birthday party stories

Children's birthday party stories

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1. Today is my birthday!
Violet Denou
Teo's entire family will gather today at his home to celebrate his birthday. But first, his father and he are going to go to the park for a while. So Teo washes himself, combs his hair, tries on some new shoes ... and he's ready to go out! When he returns home his mother is making him a delicious cake and his grandparents have just arrived.

2. Caillou Pack: Happy Birthday + Keep Learning
Jean Pilotte
Caillou is a little 4 year old boy with a great imagination. Sweet and innocent, playful and curious, Caillou is amazed by all the new things. Caillou's adventures portray the relationship between young children and the world around them, helping them grow with confidence and independence. The children are reflected in Caillou, reinforcing the bond he has with his little hero. This 2 DVD Caillou pack contains: 'Happy Birthday' and 'Keep Learning'.

3. Decorate children's parties, invitations, table decorations, games ... with paper.
Erika bock
For joyful children's celebrations. A jungle party with dangerous cats and cheerful monkeys; a birthday with lucky ladybugs, cats and mice, or with knights errant and dragons.
With gifts for all the children, the birthday party is much more fun.

4. The holiday book
Jane bull
Let's have a party! Pick a theme, design invitations, prepare the decorations, and have your friends come home happy with fabulous gifts.
More than 50 fun activities to make your party a success. In this book you will find the perfect ideas to celebrate special occasions or just to have fun.

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