Children's ghost stories

Children's ghost stories

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1. Almost ghosts Don't close your eyes! R. L. Stine
It all started when Tara picked up that old book about ghosts and spells from the library ... The horrible ink monster, Inkweed, jumped off the pages to possess poor Max! And Max, now, under no circumstances should fall asleep. If he does, Inkweed will revive and both he and his two ghost friends, Tara and Nicky, will sleep forever.

1. Valeria Wand. Ghost night and other adventures Emma Thomson, Helen Bailey
Valeria Wand is a charming fairy. Together with her three inseperable friends, they live fun adventures full of magic. This book contains three stories. Ghost Night: Who or what makes that strange noise at this time of night? Crisis in the kitchen: Valeria Wand loves to cook, but sometimes everything turns out the other way around. Will you have time to make a birthday cake for Rita? The best kept secret: A trip to the beach, a lost fairy and something more.

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