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1. My first quixote
Jose Maria Plaza
In commemoration of the IV Centenary of its publication, this work is the best way to introduce the youngest to the fascinating world that Don Quixote holds.
In addition to the illustrations prepared by one of the most relevant cartoonists in the field of children's literature, the originality of this work lies in the adaptation of the original text by Cervantes, which has been made by the expert in children's and youth literature José María Plaza, who has worked on 52 chapters (in its four original parts) that make up the first part of Don Quixote, in his opinion it is more representative and suitable for young readers.

2. Anne Frank
Josephine Poole, Angela Barret
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the death of Anne Frank, comes an emotional story that brings the audience closer to the dramatic story of this famous Jewess who saw her childhood cut short due to the rise of Nazism. Anne Frank lived with only eleven years the occupation of Holland by the Nazis, and had to hide with her family in an office. There, Ana began to write a diary to relate her anguish, dreams and illusions. With this illustrated album we will learn how fear is lived and how to preserve a smile in uncertain times where there is almost no hope.

3. Story Box. Hans Christian Andersen
Various Authors
Box with three volumes;
Wild swans,
The princess and the Pea,
The ugly Duckling.

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