Karaoke, stories and children's songs

Karaoke, stories and children's songs

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1. Karaoke, stories and songs
A hilarious collection of Karaoke on DVD and also 3CD's: 2 CD's with songs and CDs containing old stories, ideal for the little ones in the house.

2. Vehicle sounds
Today in the city there is a lot of noise. Visit it and you will see the vehicles that move through it. This full-color book includes five great pop-ups and vehicle sounds!

3. The sounds of ... the farm
You are at the farm, pay attention! What do you hear? Muuuu, quiquiriquí, beeee !!
The text gives us a clue that the onomatopoeia proposes you to guess, lift the flaps and you will find out!
An original and fun way to introduce sounds to the little ones.

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