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1. A university for children. Second course
Ulrich Janssen, Ulla Steuernagel
Why were the dinosaurs extinct? Why do volcanoes spew fire? Why are there poor and rich? Why do jokes make us laugh? Why do we have to die? Why do we come from the monkey? Why do Muslims pray on a mat? Why is school a tostón? Before an audience of more than five thousand boys and girls, gathered at the University of Tübingen during the summer of 2002, eight specialized teachers were in charge of answering these questions that, behind their apparent simplicity, hide a whole interpretation of the world. In a simple and funny way, these teachers managed to give the smartest and simplest answers to the questions that children always ask us and that we find difficult to answer.

2. Second year
Ulrich Janssen, Ulla Steuernagel
After the success of the first course of this University for children, we now present this second course based on eight other questions that address, this time, questions of ethics, art, psychology, anatomy, botany and astronomy and that, as in the first course, were answered by eight specialized teachers in an agile, fun and intelligent way. This is an extraordinarily fun and engaging book that many seniors would do well to read.

3. The book of whys
Kathy wollard
The most interesting questions - those that we have all ever asked ourselves - about the world and its people (both rational and irrational) find in this fascinating book simple and entertaining answers, as rigorous as a scientific article and as fun as an illustrated story.

4. The great book of whys
Hortense de Chabaneix, Martine Laffon
Why are there diseases? How can an airplane fly? Why is the sky blue? What is infinity? Why are there rich and poor? How can I know what I want to be when I grow up? Why don't we all have the same skin color? Why do we sometimes lie? The most interesting questions - those that we have all ever asked ourselves - but also the funniest, about ourselves and the world around us find in this fascinating book accurate and entertaining answers. , profusely illustrated in full color with humorous drawings, addresses the essential themes that often stimulate the curiosity of our children.

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