Sports books for children and parents

Sports books for children and parents

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1. Karate course for children
Philippe Sauvage
The practice of karate do is increasingly widespread among children between 6 and 12 years old, and it is logical, because learning karate do brings many benefits both in the psychomotor field and in the development of cognitive skills: coordination, self-control himself, respect for the rules and initiative.
This book, which aims for children - and their parents! - to discover the practice of karate do, contains, in addition to a brief review of the history of this sport, a very simple but widely illustrated presentation with photographic sequences about the practice: positions, basic movements of fists and legs, stops, katas, kumite, and also on the most appropriate physical preparation.

2. Beach volleyball. Techniques, training and tactics of the best player in the world
Byron Shewman, Karch Kiraly
For many players and fans, Karch Kiraly is beach volleyball. Now you can learn this sport from the best beach volleyball player ever, the only book dedicated exclusively to this game. Beach volleyball will help you master the skills of the game. Kiraly explains and demonstrates each technique: the pass, the catch, the shot, the block and the recovery. It also features the World-Class Performance and Fitness Preparation Program.

3. For babies and children up to six years
Juan A. Moreno, Lydia Pena, María del Castillo
Currently, it is common to find young children among the regular users in aquatic facilities, either participating in directed activities or enjoying free bathing in the company of their parents. This situation has stopped being a more or less revolutionary fashion to become an experience that most of us adults consider very interesting.
For the aquatic experience in early childhood to really be a positive experience for the student, it must meet certain characteristics. Our proposal is to offer the aquatic space as an educational medium in which the child develops all his capacities as he progresses in his level of maturation and in his learning capacity. This book is not a cookbook of exercises for learning to swim. Our intention is to guide parents and educators in the use of the possibilities that water offers for the education of the child.

4. Didactics of physical education in primary education
Brooke siler
Based on the conceptualization of Physical Education and its orientation in the school environment, in this text the configuration of the curriculum of this subject is applied to Primary Education, the teaching contents of the stage are developed and the didactic orientations are exposed basic for its teaching, ending with the chapters dedicated to the programming and evaluation of this curricular subject.

5. Yoga for you and your child
Liz lark
Yoga helps children become more aware of their potential, fosters serenity and helps them build a positive image of themselves, as well as keeping them healthy and agile. This book aims to enable parents, whatever their physical condition, to offer their children the many benefits of yoga and share them with them. It includes more than 40 poses that Mark Singleton, an expert children's yoga teacher, has chosen and created especially for children of all ages.

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