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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. has prepared some interviews with people who, in one way or another, develop an educational or health activity related to childhood. The interviews selected by our site are not accidental. There is a previous interest and a previous expectation, especially for topics highly demanded by parents.

Our objective is to investigate, inform (reproducing opinions and opinions), and make our readers learn from the personal and professional experiences of our interviewees. is open to all suggestions and opinions that readers may have. If you have an interest in a particular topic, please let us know. Your collaboration is very important to us. Thanks.

Alfonso Callejas Cabrera
He is the president of Dyslexia sin Barreras, an association that aims to inform and sensitize interested families, as well as society in general, about dyslexia and its associated disorders.

Paloma Hombrados Garcia
She is the coordinator of the project for hospitalized children of the Red Youth Cross, which aims to promote actions that improve the quality of life of minors hospitalized and admitted to different hospitals.

Angel Peralbo Fernandez
He is a psychologist and co-author of the book Stories to eat without stories, in which he gives advice on how to improve children's eating habits and avoid nightmares when eating.

Jesus Gonzalez
Coordinator of Payasos sin Fronteras in Madrid. He talks about the work carried out by the NGO, the benefits of laughter, and opens our eyes to the great problems that affect thousands of children in the world.

Jose Antonio Pastor
President of the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, and president of the Crecer Jugando Foundation. He talks about the campaign A toy, an illusion, and how important a toy is in the lives of children.

Mary Alameda
Graduated in Education Sciences, she is a scriptwriter and actress in Teatrama, a theater project created by a group of parents, teachers and students, to educate children and collect benefits for childhood.

Jordi Folgado Ferrer
General Director of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and nephew of its founder. Invite everyone to sponsor children to restore dignity and hope to some of the poorest and most marginalized communities in India.

Georgina Garcia-Mauriño
She is a writer, illustrator, and a great opera lover since her childhood, studied law, fashion design and creator of Tell me an opera.

Juan Jose Garcia
President of the Abracadabra Foundation, through which solidarity magicians bring magic closer to children and young people who are in a difficult situation. Magic is capable of believing that the impossible can come true.

Carmen Gil-Bonachera Martínez
She is a writer. It has 42 books published and 10 in the process of editing. Her passion for poetry made her create Cosicosas, a digital magazine of children's poetry for all children in Spanish-speaking countries.

Luis Mora
Journalist, editor and scriptwriter for 13 years at Canal Plus. Documentary director Gifted (East of Gaussian Bell), awarded as best documentary for TV, at the Malaga Festival 2007.

Cristina Palacio
Author of In search of Clara. Diary of an adoption. A first-person account of a woman, from the moment she requests an adoption until the moment she holds her daughter in her arms.

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