Best Children's Book: Just a Second

Best Children's Book: Just a Second

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Just a second, it is a children's book by Silvio Freytes and illustrated by Flavio Morais was awarded the Daniel Gil Prize for Editorial Design for Best Children's Book. The story is edited by the publisher KALANDRAKA.

Literary Awards are a good guide for parents when choosing a good children's book. Therefore, we highlight that the album Just a second, illustrated and designed by Flavio Morais, and edited by the prestigious Pontevedra publisher KALANDRAKA, it was awarded the Daniel Gil Prize for Editorial Design at Best Children's Book at a gala held last night at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. In this fifth edition of the contest, the same work also received a diploma in the illustration category. In the book design section, Faktoría K and the designer Macu Fontarigo received another diploma for "Animalario", which last year was also distinguished with the 1st National Publishing Prize in the Art category. The book, by Silvio Freytes and illustrated by Flavio Morais, deals with the concept of time and is classified for children from five years of age. publishes traditional and newly created children's stories. If you want to publish your children's story on our website, do not hesitate to send it: Publish story.

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