The suffocated child. Game, accident or imitation?

The suffocated child. Game, accident or imitation?

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The case of the 8-year-old boy who a few days ago was found on the floor of the bathroom of his school with symptoms of suffocation with a towel around his neck and that was tied to the door frame, for having been playing with some friends to see who could hold out the longest without breathing, made many families' hair stand on end.

He arrived at the hospital in serious condition and they are still investigating whether the incident was due to a game or an accident. The fact has raised an issue that, like many others, end up forgotten or parked by society, which is the safety of children. Some said that this type of play is very common among 15-year-olds. There were also those who denounced that in the school bathrooms, the children do what they want because there is no surveillance, and there were also those who affirmed that the responsibility has the parents who leave their children alone every day, in front of a television, and without any limitation as to what they see.

Psychologists say that there is a certain propensity on the part of some children to imitate the risky behaviors of their fictional characters. Many of the children do not have adult supervision when watching TV, which warns of a possible increase in risky behaviors in children. That reminds me of the case of a 12-year-old girl who killed herself by jumping from the window of her apartment on the sixth floor, with an open black umbrella, imitating her diva Mary Poppins. The boy evolves well and his departure from the hospital is a matter of hours. As the popular saying goes "there is no harm that does not come". The fact that it has aroused everyone's attention has served as a shake to many parents and schools to take precautions and better guarantee the safety of children. Let's not wait for cases like this to happen again for any preventive measure to be taken. What's done is done, and in many cases there is no turning back.

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