A television channel only for hospitalized children

A television channel only for hospitalized children

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We all know how important animation, support, and care are for children who are hospitalized for some illness. Today there is an infinity of activities developed by foundations, NGOs, and associations to make the stay of these children in hospitals more enjoyable and help them to smile, to continue enjoying their childhood. There is everything, animations therapies through animals, fun activities with solidarity clowns, with magicians, and now hospitalized children can be entertained with a new television channel geared for them.

The service is free and without advertising, and operates in 33 hospitals in eight Spanish autonomous communities. It is estimated that more than 120,000 children between the ages of 5 and 15 have fun with its programming. This is Fan 3, a television channel launched by the Antena 3 Foundation. Through a language that is very accessible to children, on this channel children can watch cartoons, series and children's contests, apart from content on the medium environment and health, and all in a fun, playful, pleasant and informative way. It also has the participation of professionals from this television station who tell their experiences in hospitals, and share some advice on food, hygiene, and health care.Full throttle is, for example, a program that explains what the medical equipment used in the hospital is for. It is intended that children lose their fear of the instruments and tools used by doctors and nurses.Jeringullo's jokes they have a double objective. Make children laugh with your jokes and create conversation topics between them and their families.Who is who in the hospital? teaches children to know the people who work in the hospital. The good thing about this television is that its broadcast is only offered from Monday to Friday. On weekends there is no television so that the children can be fully with their families and friends. When a person is sick and knows what they have as well as how to control and cure themselves, they can come out of their illness more quickly and with greater courage. Medical treatment is important, but using psychology through games and communication seems to me just as fundamental. They must walk together so that the children regain their smile and happiness, and thus forget the limitations of a hospital

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