Telephone support for the gifted

Telephone support for the gifted

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From now on, parents and teachers of gifted children can count on a telephone line through which they can obtain general information about giftedness. Only 2% of the child population has the same or higher IQ to be classified as such, and almost half are usually problematic children, with poor school performance and, in some cases, with school failure.

The gifted child is the one with an IQ over 130. The sooner the giftedness is detected, the better for the child, because it will prevent him from feeling unmotivated and bored at school. Another added problem is the lack of preparation of teachers to identify the gifted child and to adequately enhance their abilities. As incredible as it may seem, in Spain there are no gifted experts.

This communication channel in which parents and teachers can chat directly with volunteers and psychologists about the problems surrounding giftedness, has been launched by the Talents Association, one of those that fight so that gifted people have the diversified and specialized attention that need. The line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is being supported by the donations that the Talents Association receives. Besides the line, the association has launched a campaign to collect signatures in favor of a popular legislative initiative for the construction of centers and programs for students with high intellectual potential. They need 500 thousand signatures. If you want to participate in the campaign, you can send your signatures to the Talents Association, PO Box 51, 17200 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Gerona. Fax: 940 464 331.

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