A diaper saves the life of a baby who fell from a third floor

A diaper saves the life of a baby who fell from a third floor

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This was indeed a miracle! An 18-month-old baby survived a 11-meter fall thanks to the fact that the diaper he was wearing caught on one of the steel spikes that protruded from a wall, leaving him hanging about two meters from the floor of a patio , later cushioning her fall when the diaper was fully opened. The baby in question is alive and is recovering in the hospital from a broken rib and left leg, next to his parents, who took a good scare, while the police investigate whether it is a case of family neglect.

For now, no one knows specifically about how a year and a half baby could fall from a third-story window. It is suspected that the baby, who was playing with his three-year-old brother, when he climbed on a sofa, leaned out of a window and fell into the void. The event occurred in the city of Recife, in Brazil.

In Segovia, a nine-month-old baby drowned in the bathtub of his house dies. The baby appeared to be showing symptoms of suffocation from drowning. Efforts to revive the baby were futile. And in a town in Murcia, a 3-year-old girl suffered a skull fracture and is in serious condition after falling from a ladder at an approximate height of two meters. Child accidents have become a major source of concern for children. parents. Falls are the causes of 40% of accidents that occur with children. In stores we can already find thousands of devices and gadgets to prevent accidents at home. Bars for windows, protectors for stairs, the kines of the tables, chairs, protectors for the sockets, for the kitchen, etc., and tips on child safety are also not lacking. Even so, many childhood accidents continue to occur, some even videotaped by the children's parents themselves, and published with a comic connotation on Internet and television spaces.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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