Two children from two different worlds

Two children from two different worlds

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In the last vacation, all at home, we read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, the book by John Boyne, which deals with the story of a nine-year-old boy who tries to understand and discover what happens to another boy, his own age, who lives on the other side of a fence, and who always wears striped pajamas . Two children from two different worlds.

From my point of view, the book clearly shows the different childhood realities. On one side, there is a child who complains and gets bored; on the other is a child who just wants to survive. On the one hand, an educated child, of possession, and with a military father. On the other a child whose childhood is cut short simply because he is Jewish. Between the two there is a fence, a clear separation, and different stories. One child on each side. On one side you can play, but there are no children. On the other, there are children but you can't play. On one side there are breakfasts, snacks, and a meal for every moment and you don't always want to eat; and on the other there is nothing to eat and you eat when and what you can. On the one hand, comfortable and elegant clothes; on the other, a simple pajamas, day after day. Does it sound like something to you? Well, this is the childhood reality of our world. Children of different realities are like the stripes on a pajama, they do not cross or mix. They are of different colors and shades.

There is nothing epic about the book. I think it is a good book, with a very simple language, and that it can teach the children on one side that there have always been children on the other side who live other, more difficult and more limited realities. daughter was interested in Auschwitz, the concentration camp of the second world war. Without being aware that there is much more behind this story, she wondered why there are such tremendous differences between the lives of the two children. The why of the fence. And of course, I have not missed the opportunity to chat with about the need and the commitment that we must have so that these walls never exist. History teaches and is a good way to train children. Education, I think, also resides in the opportunities that appear in the children's concern about some subject. It is like when the child begins to ask questions about sexuality, or about skin color, about different languages, countries, etc. As parents, I believe that we must also awaken mentalities in our children, open their eyes, create consciences, and encourage them to live and respect others, regardless of the differences that may exist. A fence can separate us, but respect and in this case, friendship, no.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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