Fashion babies, in the latest fashion

Fashion babies, in the latest fashion

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The financial crisis is on everyone's lips. While thousands of children are starving in many parts of the world, there are others who are victims of eccentric cravings and fashion from his parents.

Of course the world of fashion and luxury is not in crisis. In Paris, the most chic they are not closed, and they increase their turnover. Months ago, the newspaper The Times published, in its edition on the Net, a list of the most stupidly expensive gifts for babies. These are common objects, but design, of the most distinguished and sought-after firms in the world. A luxurious version of baby items. If you are one of those who, like me, premiums for the quality-price balance when buying something for your child and you are against wasting so much money on something that you can get for much less, you may feel offended or think that you have always been in crisis.

1- Silver Cross Balmoral trolley: 1,255 euros

2- Armani pacifier: 31 euros

3- Bunny and Butterfly chandelier: 648 euros

4- Elegant booties or moccasins: 123 euros

5- Kit of cup and silver cutlery, by Tiffany: 448 euros Having seen what we have seen, many will wonder about what these babies eat, what toys they distract themselves with, and what they learn. After what I've heard about actress Sharon Stone applying Botox to her son's foot to remove the bad smell, nothing surprises me.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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