The magic that animates and makes a sick child smile

The magic that animates and makes a sick child smile

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Without a doubt, there is nothing more full and magical than the smile of a child. It is not easy at all to get a smile and dress a sick child with illusion, especially if this child is admitted to a hospital. However, there are people who insist and succeed, and I take my hat off to them.

We all know how important animation, support and care is for children who are hospitalized for some illness. Fortunately, today there are countless activities carried out by foundations, NGOs, to make the hospitalization of these children as pleasant as possible. There is everything, animation therapies with animals, funny visits by clowns, and even television channels specially developed for these children. But today I want to speak especially about magic, about the magic that animates and that can heal, about the magic that transforms a hospital room into something like a circus, about the magic that manages to turn the discouragement of sick children into illusion. .

The Abracadabra Foundation of Solidarity Magicians, which aims to bring magic and draw smiles on the faces of children and young people who are in a difficult situation, will be, from Friday until Sunday, in the Retiro Park of Madrid, Spain, organizing a series of activities related to magic, to publicize all the work that has been developing during the last three years, and culminate the Solidarity Magic Week that began with performances in various hospitals in the city. There will be an exhibition of magic objects, magic shows, in which many volunteers from the artistic and cultural environment will participate. If you are interested in knowing more about this Foundation, we have an interview with its president, Juanjo García.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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