Postpartum depression: treatment without drugs

Postpartum depression: treatment without drugs

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Both the mother and the baby can suffer, and a lot, with the serious consequences of postpartum depression, an illness that approximately 13% of women experience during the first year of their children's lives.

Postpartum depression is considered by specialists to be one of the most difficult diseases to treat in women who have just given birth, mainly because drugs, antidepressants, are not recommended for patients who choose to breastfeed.

The substances of the drug can reach the baby through breast milk. For this reason, although antidepressants represent a good alternative to the therapeutic treatment of postpartum depression, many women are reluctant to take them. They prefer to breastfeed without posing a risk to their baby, which seems very rational to me.

The treatment of postpartum depression in women who breastfeed their babies can be used without the need for drugs. British scientists consider that there are two ways out for this case: one, normal home health care, and the other that of a properly trained staff to identify depressive symptoms and treat them in time and appropriately.

This alternative had good results. Women with some depressive symptoms were 40% less likely to continue to have them after six weeks of delivery. The one-hour visits took place once a week for two months, and they not only treated as they prevented postpartum depression.

In addition to this study, Canadian scientists tested a telephone intervention in which 701 mothers at risk of postpartum depression spoke to other women who had been through the same experience. According to the study, this pathology decreased in half of the patients, and 80% of them recommend this type of therapy to women with this disease.

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