More Spanish babies in 2009!

More Spanish babies in 2009!

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500 thousand babies are expected to be born in 2009 in Spain. An authentic baby-boomAccording to the latest data from the INE (National Institute of Statistics), which predicts 1,369 births per day, the highest figure in the last 25 years.

The same thing happened in 1976 when there were almost 700 thousand births. Babies who were born at that time are those who have now become moms or dads, at 33 years of age. Apart from that, 2008, despite the crisis, seems to have been a good loving moment for couples in Spain. The INE data also show that more babies will be had for each mother. The average number of children per woman continues to grow. From the 1.39 observed in 2007, they will go to 1.46 in 2017, mainly due to the foreign population. Thanks to this rate of birth and also to the foreign population, it is estimated that Spain will reach close to 50 million inhabitants in 2018. Immigration plays an important role in these data, although it is expected that, due to the economic crisis, more than half of foreigners return to their country in the next three years, which will lower the number of those born in this country

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