Videos That Stimulate Babies' Learning

Videos That Stimulate Babies' Learning

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Every day new audiovisual proposals for babies appear. These are interactive experiments that, through classical music, colors and sensations, stimulate the minds of the little ones.

The project seeks to entertain, educate for action, and contribute to the emotional development between parents and children, helping them to play together. These are two films entitled "Fire" and "Water", two elements that will serve as a conducting vehicle between the baby and the world around him, from their perspective, turning the baby into a revolutionary of peace and fun . Little Che was born thanks to the idea of ​​three sisters and working mothers who joined their knowledge, with time and empathy, to create a common universe between parents and children. The creative process is completely manual and homemade. With these first DVDs, it is hoped that little ones can express their creativity through a series of pictures, crafts and imaginative games. Apart from these films, Little Che is developing two new projects, "Earth" and "Air", whose production is scheduled for later this year. When we have it, we will send you more comments. For now, I leave you with the trailer for "Water", one of the films "made in home", 25 minutes long, which you can buy at Little Che, for 19.95 euros. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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Video: Baby Sensory - Disco Glow Sushi - Fun High Contrast Color Video to Entertain Baby (July 2022).


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