Child abuse: In study and in a storybook

Child abuse: In study and in a storybook

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What type of father or mother is capable of mistreating their child? According to a study carried out by a multidisciplinary medical team from Salamanca, there is no specific profile of the child abuser. What do exist are characteristics that are repeated in these people, as well as risk factors described, although they never justify the abuse of a boy or a girl.

The study reveals that according to the cases detected by the pediatric services, it is children under two years of age who suffer the most cases of physical abuse, and minors from the age of nine, especially those between twelve and fifteen years of age, who more are sexually abused. Although it is very difficult to provide exact figures on the incidence of child abuse, given that the majority of cases are not detected and that many of those that are discovered are not reported, it is estimated that in Spain the confirmed cases of abuse are 70 per every 100,000 children, less than in countries like the United States, where it is estimated that more than 1,000 out of 100,000 children are victims of child abuse.

Parents' lack of social skills, as well as their low tolerance for frustration, feelings of incompetence as parents, unrealistic expectations with their children or the stress generated by children's misbehavior are some of the situations identified in the study as possible generators of child abuse. Apart from that, unstructured families, mental problems, the presence of two or more siblings, violence in the partner, single mothers and chronic pathologies and disabilities in children are other risk factors. The reality of child abuse situations is also reflected in a storybook for adults, written by the teacher and nurse Mayte Soy Andrade. With clear and simple language, Children is written with a future. The experiences of Sara Noslygives us an idea of ​​how a battered child feels. The book turns its back on the sensational vision of child abuse, focusing on the feelings behind each situation, as well as defending the rights of children in all situations. The stories are based on scientific articles and data contrasted with the cases studied by the author herself, who will dedicate part of the money raised from the sale of the book to an association for abused children. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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