Gifted: A Prize or a Condemnation?

Gifted: A Prize or a Condemnation?

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This is not the first time I have received an email from a mother concerned about the education of her gifted son. Having a child with an IQ above average, according to what I am told, is more of a problem than a reward for the child and his parents.

This mother tells me that she has a 5-year-old son who has been reading continuously since he was 3, adding and subtracting two figures, perfectly following the dictations, doing research on various topics, and that he excels in everything, daily. He has no adaptation problems, he knows the hours of the clock and much more. The boy was seen and evaluated by psychologists and pedagogues who confirmed his high mental coefficient, but that he could not be advanced from the school year. The parents decided to change it to a private school due to its superior content, but it made no progress. They see that the child regresses day by day, they seek medical and educational help, everywhere, and opinions continue to be disagreeable. What else can they do?

The mother unburdens herself: "You can't treat the issue as a problem for the teacher, that's how they see it. Learning is a positive thing and it can't be that my son has to take a sabbatical. His developed mind has to continue to be stimulated. . They should give different content. I can't tell my son that what he knows today will only be given to him at school when he is 12 years old. Since when is learning torture? Like all parents, I want the best for my son". According to data from the Ministry of Education in Spain, some 300,000 schoolchildren have a mental capacity above the average. However, only 0.6 percent of children know that they are gifted while the rest remain undiagnosed.

Of these, many face daily classes in which nothing is contributed, leading to 70 percent of them to suffer from performance problems. School, for them, is a daily torture. They isolate themselves and become the professor's worst enemy. Because of this, they end up dropping out of school and, on top of that, they do so with a feeling of inferiority. I wonder if a child is gifted, that is, has a high intellectual capacity, why are they slowing it down instead of pushing it. If children can learn in a faster way, why not give them encouragement, alternatives and adequate tools so that they do not feel frustrated, and supported. What does it take for the reality of a gifted child to have meaning?

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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