Gluttonous baby: A doll that motivates breastfeeding

Gluttonous baby: A doll that motivates breastfeeding

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The dolls also grow. Those who until now only cried, took a bottle, walked, slept and even snored, laughed with the tickle, spoke English, peed and pooped, starting in October, when the Gluttonous Baby comes out, the girls will be able to experience a new experience: breastfeeding an almost 'real' baby.

This will be the world's first nursing doll. A company from Alicante, Spain, thanks to the funds granted by the European Union, was the one who gave birth to this latest innovation in the toy sector. The intention is to promote breastfeeding. The 'gluttonous baby' brings a t-shirt that the girls tie around the neck and that incorporates two flowers that must be brought to the doll to feed it.

If after feeding the doll you are not satisfied with the feeding, it will cry, so if you want you can continue breastfeeding. Otherwise, the girl must burp the doll.

The doll is oriented and aimed, naturally, at girls. They are the ones your children will likely breastfeed when it is due.

The toymaker as well as its sponsor intends to highlight the importance and advantages of breastfeeding.

They believe that breastfeeding should be seen by girls, as well as by boys, as something natural and beneficial for the baby and the mother.

Don't let children take it for granted that you can only breastfeed with a bottle.

In addition, the baby fed with breast milk will be more protected from diseases and, according to some studies, will have better school performance.

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