The use of the mobile phone is not harmful to children

The use of the mobile phone is not harmful to children

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Mobile phones are not harmful to the health of children. This is indicated and assured by the first investigations about the continued use of the mobile phone since childhood, carried out by Alejandro Úbeda, head of Bioelectromagnetics at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, Spain.

The mobile phone does not give proof of long-term harmfulness. It only represents a risk to children when there is no reasonable use of phones or parental supervision of their children's use of these devices. A lack of control in the use of these devices can lead a child to total dependence and addiction, and to have long-term problems with anxiety and lack of concentration.

It is clear that the benefits or harms of technological advances depend a lot on the use made of them. The limits must exist not only for the use of mobile phones, but also for the use of video games, television, portable consoles, and computers. Children need limits. Úbeda has also pointed out that having a mobile telephone antenna near the house does not want to assume that the inhabitants of the area can develop diseases for it. According to the expert, there is no data to assume that living near an antenna is harmful. The radiation emitted by mobile phone antennas that reaches people has a very low power, less than the intensity with which human beings receive signals from cell phones, and that the walls of buildings absorb the waves emitted by the antennas, since these are not directed towards the houses. He assures that the health problems that may occur in the neighbors are surely due to another cause. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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