A home test to know the sex of your baby

A home test to know the sex of your baby

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Baby sex will no longer be as closely guarded a secret as before. What before could be known only from the 16th week of pregnancy and through an ultrasound in a medical consultation, now it will be possible to know at the 10th week of gestation, and without leaving home.

The test works like a pregnancy test and takes only 10 minutes. With a urine sample (whose hormones are combined with chemical substances), you will be able to know if your baby is a boy or a girl, depending on the color that the device predicts: pink or blue. The product is called the "Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test," and it sells for $ 35 in the United States.

This new test, with an 80 percent reliability, alleviates parents' curiosity until they can confirm the sex of their baby on ultrasound, around week 20 of pregnancy, which is when the baby's genitalia can be differentiated. So far, the IntelliGender company has not disclosed the type of substances it uses, and is pending patenting the product.

No more going on the market, this product is already causing controversy in some sectors of American society who believe that, knowing the sex of the baby at an early stage of gestation, could lead to doubts in parents about whether or not to continue with the pregnancy . I, in particular, do not believe that parents would be able to terminate a pregnancy simply because the baby to be born is not of the sex they expected. I prefer to believe that it is not so.

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