Flu A is more dangerous for pregnant women

Flu A is more dangerous for pregnant women

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If pregnant women were already at great risk of becoming seriously ill from seasonal flu or another illness, now if they become infected with the A / H1N1 flu virus, their health may become even worse. A study conducted by researchers at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, the new flu is causing an exceptionally high death toll among pregnant women.

The study notes that hospitalization rates among pregnant women have quadrupled. They usually develop pneumonia and need artificial respiration. The study results are based on the deaths of six pregnant women out of 45 novel flu-related deaths that were reported to the Center between April 15 and June 16.

Health authorities in England and Switzerland hinted that women should consider delaying their pregnancy if they could. Researchers at the CDC warn that there is no reason for pregnant women to change their way of life because of the new virus. There is no reason to delay childbearing or to worry too much, as there is no evidence that pregnant women have increased their vulnerability or are more likely to be infected by the new virus. What the study reveals is that when a pregnant woman contracts this virus, she has a greater risk of becoming more seriously ill.

In Spain, one of the seven fatalities caused by influenza A so far was a pregnant woman. When it comes to Europe, the first person to die from the virus was a Scottish woman who passed away shortly after giving birth.

Pregnant women account for 6 percent of swine flu fatalities in the United States since the pandemic began in April. Because of the new data, it is recommended that they have priority for vaccination against the new flu. In fact, the World Health Organization found that pregnant women appear to be more exposed to high-risk diseases that could lead to miscarriage and / or death, especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

The more advanced the pregnancy is, the more likely there are to develop complications. However, it has not yet been confirmed that pregnant women will be the first to be vaccinated. What can be anticipated is that the Spanish Ministry of Health is preparing a special guide for the management of influenza A during pregnancy. So we have it, we will inform you. I guess in other countries they will too. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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