Mothers with influenza A should breastfeed their baby

Mothers with influenza A should breastfeed their baby

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After the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that pregnant women are one of the risk groups for influenza A, a stir of doubts arose among mothers who have just given birth, about whether they can breastfeed their baby or if that represents a danger to the little one. It is clear that a mother will always think more of her baby than of her own.

In the midst of Breastfeeding Week, which is celebrated in more than 120 countries in order to promote breastfeeding to improve the health of babies, the Dexeus University Institute recommends women with influenza A or who have symptoms and who have just to give birth, to continue breastfeeding their babies as normal, because breast milk strengthens the baby's immune system, reducing the chances of a serious complication. The IUD advises, however, that mothers wear masks while breastfeeding their baby. Any flu virus, whatever it is, can spread to the baby through close contact.

Apart from that, if a mother suffers from the new flu, it is advisable for her to go to the doctor quickly and start a paracetamol-based treatment to lower the fever, since much of the risks for the fetus are attributed to fever. The IUD supports the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to vaccinate all pregnant patients with the specific vaccine, so that it is available. For pregnant women who do not have the flu, IUD experts recommend that they take precautions to minimize the impact of this flu during the coming winter, when it is expected that with the drop in temperatures, the number of infections will increase. To prevent contagion, it is necessary that women who are pregnant or about to give birth, extreme basic hygiene rules, avoid direct contact with sick people or those with symptoms of respiratory infections, and enrich their diet by feeding with the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and high fluid intake. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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