What about the new flu vaccine

What about the new flu vaccine

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It was to be expected that, less than a month before the start of the classes, the parents' associations would express their concern about the return to school of the children. Parents want to be sure their children are shielded from the new A1H1 flu virus as soon as possible. They ask the Ministry of Health that the vaccine is a priority for all schoolchildren and teachers.

Many parents are already wondering if the vaccine will arrive before classes start, and what kind of care and preventive measures Health will follow to deal with influenza A in Spanish schools. Together with parents, school management teams also want to know what preventive measures they should take to start classrooms, what they should do when cases are detected and who they should notify.

For now all are questions and concerns, and I think they are understandable, although I also wonder if there are reasons to be alarmed since according to the WHO, World Health Organization, the situation is under control, and that some prevention measures have been disclosed . We all hope that the school year begins with total normality, although we will always be left with the doubt that in what situations would the specific closings of schools or nurseries take place. Would it be convenient for us to already look for alternatives to protect our children? Shall we warn the grandmothers to get ready? Do we extend the hours of the caregivers? Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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