When you have a gifted child

When you have a gifted child

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The biggest problem families with gifted children face is lack of guidance. What to do when you have a gifted child?

In families with gifted children there are still more needs than abilities. More uncertainties than security. According to statistics, around 2 percent of the world's population have extraordinary mental abilities. In Spain the number of gifted is half a million citizens, half of them suffer from school failure and many of them never get to know their high abilities.

I recommend, mainly to families who have a gifted child, that they watch the documentary Gifted, east of Gauss's bell, which will air tonight in TV Documents, at 11:05 pm, on 2 of Spanish Television. The documentary reflects the difficult situation that many people go through in these circumstances. It tells the story of an 8-year-old girl, Ena, who does not want to go to school because "the classes are boring and I fall asleep", as well as the long and difficult struggle of her family in search of a solution. Audience award for the best documentary for TV at the Malaga Film Festival and is directed by journalist Luis Mora, who was interviewed by our site on one occasion.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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