Mom, Dad, ... I want to poop!

Mom, Dad, ... I want to poop!

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I love establishments that think of families with children! Recently, I have been to a well-known one and I have been pleasantly surprised to see how with the will and a couple of ideas, parents can make life easier at such an important and inevitable time as visiting the toilet with their children.

What do we do now when our little boy tells us: "I want to poop"? Today, if your son has to go to the bathroom, you wait outside, with your bag on your shoulder, the wipes in your hand and the door ajar asking every so often: are you finished, son? Your son, many times, lasts forever and the ladies in the queue look at you desperately. It can also happen that you are the one who needs to go to the bathroom and, then, you will have to urinate in record time so that your little one (especially if he goes by cart) does not have to wait alone outside.

Recently, finally! all my needs were covered: my children and I were able to enjoy a shared toilet: a w.c. a big one and a small one, in which my little boy couldn't sneak into the toilet and his legs didn't dangle half a meter, he didn't have to do the typical acrobatics to get on the toilet bowl; On one wall, two generous coat racks to place your baby's bag, your purse and the groceries, if necessary, and on another wall a wonderful baby carrier with a seat belt and a changing table. I thought I was dreaming when I could close the door behind me and my children, all together, without worrying about how long it would take, or whether the baby would be out! I have been told that this extraordinary vision can also be seen in the men's room , even more in need than we of equipment in these and other tasks with the children. I take care that not all public establishments have enough space to allocate to this very practical invention, but I would like you to take note that We families are big consumers and we love, like all clients, that the service offered, in all aspects, is according to our needs. It is true that in a few years the situation has changed a lot: from seeing our babies changing the diaper on our lap or in their stroller, to having practical changing tables that take up almost no space, shopping carts with baby carriers or a seat, or recreational spaces for children, while their parents buy peacefully, although I think there is still a long way to go. While we are doing this, I will continue to use this wonderful common toilet as an example of sensitivity to families.Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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