A website for parents with 2.1 million readers

A website for parents with 2.1 million readers

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Every time you participate in, you put a little brick in the construction of a great community of parents interested in learning and sharing ideas on how to improve the education and health of our children. And every month we give proof that this project of all is a great success.

OJD, which is in charge of certifying the audience / diffusion of the media on the Internet, confirms as the most visited family resource website on the Internet. Last october we have received the visit of 2,096,336 unique visitors who have read 9,274,753 pages. the sum of the audience of all other baby websites audited by OJD is more than half a million visitors. By a little margin, only the very famous Hello It surpasses us in audience among the Canal Mujer magazines. With a lot of work and your participation, a website for parents surpasses the diffusion on the internet of large media such as Expansion, which is the most visited Spanish economic newspaper. In November we continue the same, increasing the leadership to be closer to you, trying to help all our reader friends to have happy children. Thanks a lot! Our site team

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