Our children: fruit of union and personal satisfaction

Our children: fruit of union and personal satisfaction

Having children supposes a profound change in the couple, especially the first, which changes our priorities and, sometimes, our way of enjoying and seeing life. Normally when the couple works, the child becomes a strong glue, but when the couple has fragile ties, the child can be another reason for disagreement and added problems.

Personally, I think it is a huge mistake to look for a child as a remedy or solution to marital problems, but, nevertheless, for a stable couple this common project is one of the most motivating and the most satisfying and challenging, and therefore the most they grow as people.

A recent study appearing in the Journal of Happiness Studies suggests that having children increases happiness among couples who have previously acquired certain commitments and fidelity. In addition, this study contradicts previous research that having more children does not lead to greater happiness, since there is greater dissatisfaction when receiving few rewards for doing hard work. This recent study, on the contrary, collects the affirmation that for the parents of many children, these are the most important work of their lives. The life satisfaction of married people, especially women, increases when they have more children, contrary to the negative experiences that single, separated or cohabiting people claim to have. This having many children is something that is in decline and, currently , It is the cause of many labor inconveniences, but if previously there is emotional and social stability in the couple, accompanying it with an abundant fruit provides an indisputable satisfaction and existential sense.Although, I think that happiness is not a matter of statistics or studies , but rather depends on a positive and cheerful attitude towards life, and therefore, accessible from any personal situation, I recognize, at least from my experience, that having children helps to be happy not only with your partner, but with one same. In short, when we feel prepared and mature to have children, and we have a solid basis for living together as a couple, the arrival of the children is welcomed and collected as a sure fruit of happiness and personal satisfaction. On the other hand, it can also be the beginning of a disintegration or estrangement from the couple, since it carries many responsibilities.Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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