Your illusion for being a mother can win a prize

Your illusion for being a mother can win a prize

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The literary contest "Illusion to be a mother" is now open to receive the stories of all women who want to be mothers, who are already pregnant or who have just become mothers, whether for the first time or not. If you have literary skills, this is your opportunity to participate, sending an account of your experience, in which the emotions are reflected, as well as the sensations, feelings and concerns that you feel through motherhood.

This first edition of the contest, which is held nationwide (Spain), has been launched by Clearblue, the new digital ovulation test. To participate, you only have to write stories that are one page long (between 200 and 500 words). The theme of the story could be something like "What did I feel when I found out that I was going to be a mother, what were my feelings throughout the pregnancy (the first ultrasound, the baby's first kick, etc.), when I had my baby for the first time in arms, or even a letter to your child before he is born. "

The jury will choose the three winners during the month of April. The first prize will be 1,500 euros, destined to pay for the baby's room, which will be advised by an interior designer, or a trip to Paris for two. The second and third prizes will be a stroller or a weekend at a Spa hotel. The stories can be sent by letter, by email or through the Clearblue website, from February 1 to March 12 (both inclusive):

- The letter: to the post office box 10.057, postal code 28080 of Madrid, Spain. - The email: to the address [email protected]

Good luck to all!

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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