Video: Testing for the Bedwetting Child

Video: Testing for the Bedwetting Child

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A good medical history, an interview about the child's urination habits, as well as an adequate physical examination, are enough for the pediatrician to identify why a child wets the bed without having other symptoms or signs.

During the consultation, the pediatrician will want to know how many times the child urinates throughout the day, how long he lasts, what his sleep is like, if there is a family history in the parents or a brother, etc.

Apart from the interview, the pediatrician will also perform a complete physical examination in the abdominal, genital and rectal areas of the child. It will analyze your reflexes and the control of your weight and height.

At the same time, they will make a diary of urination of the child, in which their parents will have to write down the number of urination of their child throughout a week.

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