Playhouse Disney's Bunnytown

Playhouse Disney's Bunnytown

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Music is fundamental in Bunnytown, in each episode you can listen to at least 3 pieces of different musical styles from jazz to rock through opera, hip hop, country or pop.

The Bunnytown series stimulates various areas of knowledge that the little ones must develop: coordination of movements, expression of feelings, social relationships and intellectual knowledge.

Bunnytown's rabbit hole is decorated in the style of the 70s. Through its tunnels they can get to see the world of humans and observe how they have fun and play.

In Bunnytown there are rabbits of all kinds: little ones who go to class, rock stars and even the occasional selfish one who cannot help but eat all the carrots that he finds in his way.

Playhouse Disney's Bunnytown series invites the little ones in the house to join in its adventures through songs, laughter and colors.

The fun world of Bunnytown is made up of cute and smiling puppets who seek to entertain while teaching preschoolers.

Playhouse Disney's new series, Bunnytown, shows kids what life is like from a rabbit's point of view.

Each episode shows the inhabitants of Bunnytown as they play, sing, tell stories and experience multiple adventures.

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