Luxury houses for the children's garden

Luxury houses for the children's garden

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The tree house are a great fantasy for children and an excellent place for games in the garden. The price of this model in the luxury children's decoration store PoshTots is $ 6,250.

The PoshTots luxury store proposes this model of a garden house. The price of the whim is high: $ 49,000.

This little princess house is very charming. Ideal for games between girls, mothers and grandmothers. This deluxe model of garden house costs $ 5,500 at PoshTots store.

The children's houses with a slide have magic. They are fascinating and many times more for parents than for children. This luxury model from PoshTots costs $ 10,450.

This model of a Victorian-style children's house is very elegant and expensive: 20 thousand dollars. You can find it in the store

This model is a luxury available to very few. The whole house and park cost the price of a real house: $ 123,000.

This wooden house for the garden is a real miniature castle for children. The price of the 'Colbert Castle' model is $ 7,000.

The 'Pirate Ship' model toy house is ideal for children looking for adventure. The price is for great sailors: 52 thousand dollars.

The 'Cotton Candy Manor' children's garden house model is very elegant and has two floors and a balcony. The price is $ 9,600.

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