Our children's busy schedule

Our children's busy schedule

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Without a doubt, I have found that my children have a very busy schedule, much more than mine. I do not know if it coincides with the end of the course, the good weather or the large number of children who celebrate their birthdays in spring, but I think that in addition to attending to their school obligations, they have social commitments typical of a senior executive.

Throughout the course, parents usually run everywhere, especially when our son plays swimming, music, soccer or catechesis, but if we weren't enough with this, our children ask us again and again to go for a little while. the house of his friend or that such a child comes to our house to play, to stay in the park now that the weather is good, to attend his friend's birthday, or to dedicate extra hours for the preparation of end-of-year festivals, either dance, musical instrument or sporting event ...

It is curious that after spending almost eight hours together, it seems that the children have not had time to play and they wrap themselves around their friend's arm so that the party and the fun do not end. If you give in, don't count on having dinner ready, but if you don't give in you will look like a witch with a green wart who deprives her children of enjoying the pleasure of playing with their friends in the spring sun. So not infrequently, we roll the blanket around our heads so as not to see the pending tasks that we still have to do and "lose" our valuable time next to the park bench, so that our son may be happy. Well looked, I think it is necessary to grant children these little privileges, I think The encounters of children outside the school environment are also important and enriching, they strengthen their bonds of friendship and give us the opportunity to meet their friends first-handIn order to please our children we must coordinate agendas, reconcile with other activities or tasks, for this I have resolved that Friday is the day for these purposes, since there is no school the next day and there is no rush to do homework or other activities that prevent us from doing so. Friday has become a day expected not only for children, but also for parents, since there are not a few who end up meeting to supervise our children with delicious and rich conversations and shared moments, thanks to the complicity that parenting gives us.Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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