A rich and easy recipe to make M&M cookies

A rich and easy recipe to make M&M cookies

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My daughter and I had been looking for the recipe for M&M or Lacasitos cookies for a long time, these colored balls filled with chocolate ... I just had to put and remove the cookies from the oven, nothing more.

Surely your child, at some time, has come across these cookies and that it has caught his eye. We already know everything about cookies, chocolate, cereals, butter, stuffed or dipped in caramel ... but the ones that have these colored chips, filled with chocolate, there is no equal.

We teach them, step by step, how to prepare delicious M&M cookies. They can be a great alternative for breakfast, a snack, or a birthday party. This recipe is very practical, so children, even if they are very young, can make it. Well, that said, we can only start preparing the recipe. You will already tell us how the cookies have turned out.

Apart from the M&M you can also add chopped cashews or hazelnuts to the dough. You can add accessories that you like the most. The cookie format can also be something very personal. I've already seen M&M cookies in circle, star, boot or heart format. Each one to choose the design that he likes the most and likes. At the end of the day, these cookies are very good and you will surely love to make and eat them.

Enjoy your meal!

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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