A four-month-old baby smiles in his mother's womb

A four-month-old baby smiles in his mother's womb

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The image of a fetus of just 17 weeks of gestation, captured by a 3D ultrasound, during a routine examination, projects what appears to be a smile and opens a debate among specialists about the possibility that fetuses experience feelings at 4 months pregnancy and abortion, leaving everyone's mouths open, even the child's parents.

Although specialists maintain that these photographs do not necessarily show that the baby "has feelings", it cannot be denied that he is showing one of them. In general, they agree that the expression of feelings such as pain, for example, are only detected between weeks 24 and 28. Dr. Stuart Campbell, the professor who performed the 3D ultrasound, thinks that the expression of the fetus is of joy and human behavior. He had already seen a 19-week-old fetus cry, but this is the first time he saw a fetus smile at 17 months, much earlier than previously believed.

Doctors agree that at 4 months of gestation, the connection between the brain and the rest of the body of the fetus is still very limited. At this stage, the baby is still "unconscious" in its mother's womb and therefore is oblivious to experiences such as happiness or any other feeling. For this reason, they do not know what could cause the smile in the fetus. There is a possibility that it was a part of a sequence of movements including yawning, opening the eyelids, etc. Smile or not, the truth is that in the image you can see an expression of joy in the fetus and this has generated a strong controversy in England, where it is already discussed to reduce the limit of 24 weeks of gestation to perform an abortion. The parents of the baby who will be born in January were surprised to see their little one smile. The only thing they worry about is that their baby is healthy. And from what you see in the picture, it looks like it is. Hopefully it will be like that. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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