A baby named Google

A baby named Google

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Each country has its own laws regarding the registration of children's names, but I was surprised to learn that in Sweden parents are allowed to name their children company names and trademarks like Google, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Lego or Batman. Surely the measure will lead to more than one funny anecdote or a chaotic situation that the family will not be able to forget.

The opening in the way of freedoms to choose the name of babies has also occurred in Spain, but in a more moderate way than in the Swedish case. If until recently it was not possible to register a baby with the name Lola in Spain, for example, because it was the diminutive of Dolores, now there is greater flexibility in terms of diminutives and names related to natural phenomena and geographical places.

In the United States, on the other hand, they prefer to copy the Hollywood celebrities who have nicknamed their children with unusual names. Thus, according to a study conducted by the New York Department of Health, the most popular name noted in hospitals lately was Jayden, which is the one chosen by singer Britney Spears for her second child. Rihanna, Keira, Siena, Charlize or Suri, like the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, are among the 100 most used names in the United States along with Obama, due to the popularity of the President. Spain we are not so eccentric when it comes to choosing the name of our baby. Thus, among the ten most used girl names in Spain, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) is Lucy, followed by Paula, María, Sara, Daniela, Carla, Claudia, Marta, Irene and Sofía, in tenth place, which is the name of the Queen and the one chosen by the Princes of Asturias for their second daughter. The preferred by parents for children is Daniel, followed by Alejandro, Pablo, Hugo, Álvaro, Adrián, David, Javier, Sergio and Diego. musicality and beauty They seem to be the principles by which we go about choosing the name of the baby, an important and difficult decision where emotional components come into play, the taste of each one and, sometimes, also fashion. While some couples have it clear from the beginning, others find it difficult to decide. Some seek originality, that no one else is called that in the family, others instead prefer to name it after one of their brothers or their parents. Some prefer traditional, lifelong names because they think that now almost no one chooses them and their child will have a unique name, while for others musicality, fashion and the approval of others count a lot.Marisol New.

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