I hope he is born at Christmas to cash the check-baby!

I hope he is born at Christmas to cash the check-baby!

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I was amused by the comment of my pregnant friend, but with whom she is falling in economic matters, no wonder there are many mothers who are thinking the same. And it is that the check-baby of 2,500 euros has the days counted. The end date of the benefit is from January 1, 2011.

Women who have become pregnant last March and the birth is scheduled for December 2010 will be the last to collect it, although there will also be seven months and eight months. This benefit was announced in early 2007 to promote birth in Spain and has lasted 3 years and seven months. Now it is part of a group of "essential" cut measures, according to the Government, to face the current economic crisis.

At the moment, there are pregnant women, some of them twins or twins!, Who go out of accounts at the end of this month, and the nerves begin to surface. Surely more than one gynecologist could comment that they have noticed that the requests for inductions have increased in their office and, to avoid the risks of an induced labor, friends begin to give advice on the different natural methods to go into labor, without stopping to think that children are born when they are ready and not before. Walking or dancing, making love, relaxing, taking baths of lemon verbena, chocolate and raspberry infusions, stimulating the nipples and giving free rein to laughter and good humor are some of the homemade tips to speed up labor. But, be careful, if the child is not mature, there is no "natural" or "home" method that makes him go out to the outside world. Ideally, allow the babies to finish maturing and give them the time they need to complete their gestation. Being born early is not good and taking risks to collect the amount of 2,500 euros is foolish. So if you are religious, pray for your baby to be born without inducing or provoking anything around Christmas Day. This year, the only ones who have their baby check insured are José and María, since as we all know their child, who will be called Jesus, will be born on December 25. Marisol New.

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