Beware of misuse of children's fashion bracelets

Beware of misuse of children's fashion bracelets

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What was previously only used to tie bags and some containers, today has become a fashion item for children. Everything seemed beautiful until the alarm has gone off in more than one school about what can happen if the child misuses the bracelet.

As the safety of the children comes first, some Spanish schools recommend and ask the parents of students not to allow their children to take the silicone strips to class or to the playground. They do it not only to prevent children from having an accident due to misuse of the bracelet, but also to prevent them from being distracted in the classroom by playing with the rubber bands.

Rubber bracelets in the shape of giraffe, piglets, cars and even people, became fashionable after school holidays. In the same way that teachers do not welcome the use of mobile phones, Nintendo, etc., at school, they do not agree with the use of bracelets. In fact, they already did it with the chrome collections and it seems that not only to protect the children but to avoid conflicts between the parents and the school. School is for children to study and not for them to be showing off or changing bracelets in the classroom. In addition, as any accident occurs with a child, the parents are sure to hold the school management responsible, although they do not deform with their use, silicone bracelets they can cause harm to children through misuse. Many children put them in their mouths without knowing whether they are toxic or not. Others use them as slingshots, which can do more than harm. And a teacher goes to more. He assures that the decision to send a circular to parents asking them not to let their children wear the bracelets to school, also seeks to make children aware that the fashion for rubber bands is nothing more than an invitation to consumerism. Although they do not prohibit its use, schools believe that it is necessary to make parents understand that they advise against their children to follow fashion. What do you think?Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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